Hi I'm Ayla :) i'm 15 years old ;*

I'm a huge fan of Ross lynch and Laura Marano :) i live in Germany but i'm half german half turk ;) Raura and Auslly forever and ever !! #R5family ♥♥

hihihihihihihi :D OMG Thank you sooooo much carrie for liking my draw of laura marano ♥♥♥♥ SHE LIKED IT OMG *-*

hahahahahha i know i know this is not raura auslly or austin and ally bit THAAAAANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR 801 FOLLOWERS !!! WOHHO *PARTEEEEYY* xD and the boy and tge girl are youtubers xD look at the guy xD sooo funny hihi :3 when you love this photo go on bibisbeautypalace and watch the video xD buuut it’s german guys xD

Happy anniversary stormie and Mark ♥

my reaction :D

ross where areee youuu ?? ;)

oh yeah guys i’m in a week in berlin with my class i can’t post too much because we are often outside :/ sry

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