Hi I'm Ayla :) i'm 15 years old ;*

I'm a huge fan of Ross lynch and Laura Marano :) i live in Germany but i'm half german half turk ;) Raura and Auslly forever and ever !! #R5family ♥♥

Speed-draw :) i know it’s not ross or laura or r5 but a lovly youtuber ;D

haha i made this because idk xD



yeah i know it’s not soooo good but i gave my best :D the lovely rydel lynch and laura marano ♥♥♥ the best girls everrrrr

B E A U T I F U L ♥
keep looking Ross keeeeeep looking…;)

I do this cause i am bored xD

1. My Name is Ayla ☺

2. I habe two siblings a little brother and a little sister ( he’s 4 Sears old and she’s 11 Yeats old)😜

3. I am in 10th grade 😉

4. I live in germany, but i’m half german half turk 󾓨

5. I looooooooooooooove R5 and Laura Marano sooooo much ❤❤❤🎶🎤🎧🎹🎼🎸#R5family

6. I loooooove Austin and Ally 🎬🎥🎤🎭

7. I have a bff that i’ve know for 10 years 💕(^.^) Love you Melina

8. I love pizza with everything in 😂😻🍕🍕🍕🍕

9. Oh and i’m 15 years old😊

10. 6|26|1999 this is my birthday 🎁🎈🎂🎀

11. I’m very scared oft spiders -(>口<-)

12. I laugh to often 😁

13. I’m going to married Ross Lynch 😻😻😻😻😂😂 buuuuuut

14. i’m a huuuuuge Raura shipper guys 😂😅😍😍😍😍😍😍🙈🙅👰

15. I hate butter so much 😷 idk how xD

16. I love to draw and play piano 😋✏🎨🎹

17. When i laugh too hard i grunt sometimes 😂😂😂🐽🐷

18. I have glasses since i’m 10 years old 👓

19. I’m a girly girl 🙋💗💄👑👗👠👖👛 😄

20. I loooove all off my 778 followers 😘😘😘😘

They’d feel the same way if we were dating.

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Guys. That’s next month.


Ross <3

sooo fucking sexy beautiful gorgeos ;) you better keep look at laura ross shor lynch ;)

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