Hi I'm Ayla :) i'm 15 years old ;*

I'm a huge fan of Ross lynch and Laura Marano :) i live in Germany but i'm half german half turk ;) Raura and Auslly forever and ever !! #R5family ♥♥


We’re not together but a strong friendship bind us, born during the long hours of shooting on Austin&Ally’s set. Here our little secret: sometimes when one of the two feels a bit down calls the other and we meet, even in full night, to go to beach and talk

— Ross Lynch talks about he and Laura Marano (via lovingtheshow)

soooo proud of them :) #5yearsofR5 ♥♥♥

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hey Guys ;)
I have two things to manifest. 1st Thank you for 745 followers we are getting more and thank you in such a short time :) you get a hug from me :D 2st in two weeks I will go to turkey for 4 weeks, which means I am unfortunately very rarely have internet and I can not post but i try to post things to you all :)

R5 - Heart Made Up On You

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R5 - Heart Made Up On You

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